Panin Dai-ichi Life and Bank Resona Perdania Launched Smart Infinite Protection

05 Dec 2019

JAKARTA, 5 DECEMBER 2019 – Based on the data from the Indonesian Central Statistics Agency (Badan Pusat Statistik), Indonesia recorded a GDP growth of 5.07 percent in the first quarter of 2019. This growth was certainly driven by business growth in various segments. Along with this growth, it is important for companies to be able to ensure and anticipate risks to their growing business. One that important to be protected is a leader or core employee (keyman) who has a vital role and function that supports the business and development of a company. By looking at this growing needs, PT Panin Dai-ichi Life (Panin Dai-ichi Life) and Bank Resona Perdania established a bancassurance partnership and launched Smart Infinite Protection. 

Smart Infinite Protection helps companies to overcome financial constraints when there is a risk exposed to the keyman that potentially causes financial liability in the company. Protection benefits will function as a financial shield that can reduce the impact of these risks. The product feature also helps the company to prepare their keyman retirement benefit and for the keyman family if there’s a risk occurred and other related needs so that the company can still grow and run its business.

The Smart Infinite Protection launch session was held at the Bank Resona Perdania Headquarters in Jakarta and was attended by the directors and management of Panin Dai-ichi Life namely Fadjar Gunawan as President Director, Naohide Noguchi as Vice President Director and Akiharu Yamatani as Director and also from Bank Resona Perdania namely Ichiro Hiramatsu as President Director, Hijiri Fujiwara as Director and Penta Junianto Kistriono as Head of Business Strategic Division.

Fadjar Gunawan said "Align with our philosophy, by your side, for life, we are committed to assisting customers at every stage of life, including when customers are building and growing their business, and that is the main reason why we launched Smart Infinite Protection together with our partner Bank Resona Perdania today. The bancassurance collaboration is based on the shared goals of both parties, both Panin Dai-ichi Life and Bank Resona Perdania, which is to provide comprehensive financial solutions for our customers."

Ichiro Hiramatsu as President Director of Bank Resona Perdania added “As being told by Mr. Fadjar Gunawan that Panin Dai-ichi Life and Bank Resona Perdania shared the same goals, which to assist and provide our customers with comprehensive financial protection”, therefore, we will refer the Smart Infinite Protection to our customers as Business Profit Protection Plan.

The presence of Smart Infinite Protection from Panin Dai-ichi Life is expected to be able to complete the series of financial solutions currently provided by Bank Resona Perdania to its customers. The collaboration between Panin Dai-ichi Life and Bank Resona Perdania is expected to continue to make a positive contribution, reach more customers and answer the financial needs of Indonesian people and to strengthen the strong relationship between Dai-ichi Life and Bank Resona Japan.

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