Collaboration of Panin Dai-ichi Life and Diary Bunda, expanding insurance awareness through Digital

Be of assistance to all families in Indonesia in preparing self-protection for the future of their children 24 Feb 2021

Photo description (left-right) : Masashi Shinohara - President Director PT Asa Bestari Citta  >  Takeshi Mamiya - President Director Marubeni Indonesia  >  Fadjar Gunawan - President Director Panin Dai-ichi Life  >  Yusuke Nakamitsu - Director of Sales and Distribution Panin Dai-ichi Life


JAKARTA, February 24, 2021 – Taking place at Panin Dai-ichi Life Head Office, today PT Panin Dai-ichi Life (Panin Dai-ichi Life) officially signed a Cooperation Agreement with PT Asa Bestari Citta (founder of Diary Bunda), one of the Start-up Company from Marubeni Indonesia. Diary Bunda is a Smart Phone Application for the mothers in Indonesia that support them with the information needed during the pregnancy and after birth and has been trusted by more than 250,000 (two hundred fifty thousand) users in Indonesia.

In the Era of the COVID-19 Pandemic, development of digital strategy is required. Panin Dai-ichi Life as a financial services company that provides life and health protection services in Indonesia, formed a mutual collaboration with Diary Bunda in order to educate and increase public awareness, especially for the parents who will or just had their new baby born about health and the importance of having insurance through the Digital Media Channel.

The signing ceremony represent by Panin Dai-ichi Life Board of Directors, Fadjar Gunawan as President Director and Yusuke Nakamitsu as Director of Sales and Distribution, while PT Asa Bestari Citta (Diary Bunda) represent by Masashi Shinohara as President Director, and Takeshi Mamiya as President Director of Marubeni in Indonesia (parent company of PT Asa Bestari Citta).

On this occasion, Fadjar Gunawan said, "In this era pandemic, limited social contact with go-virtual have accelerated digitalization in various business fields. This collaboration is our mission in fulfilling the needs of Indonesian people, including providing solutions to young families at every stage of their lives. We hope that this collaboration could provide added value in expanding and increasing public literacy about the importance of maintaining health and having insurance."

Masashi Shinohara further emphasized, "This collaboration is also in line with the vision of Diary Bunda to be able to help young families who are planning or just had their new baby born, by becoming a trusted application service that is always ready to help as a journey companion during pregnancy, birth and treatment for the baby. " he concluded.

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