Collaboration of Panin Dai-ichi Life and Kaikoukai Clinic

Enhancing service to customers and business partners 13 Mar 2019

JAKARTA, MARCH 13, 2019 – PT Panin Dai-ichi Life (Panin Dai-ichi Life) has joined forces with PT. Kaikoukai Indonesia which operates Kaikoukai Clinic Senayan in Jakarta. Kaikoukai Clinic Senayan is part of the Kaikoukai Healthcare Group which is a medical service group based in Nagoya, Japan. The collaboration is based on the common goal of both parties to promote quality of life, including healthy living and improve health services for the people of Indonesia, especially for Panin Dai-ichi Life customers.

Kaikoukai Clinic Senayan and Panin Dai-ichi Life will collaborate in health education to the community through various programs, including seminars, social media content to educate Indonesian society about health and the importance of life insurance. Also, there will be customer experience enhancement, whereas Kaikoukai Clinic Senayan will facilitate general medical check-ups for Panin Dai-ichi Life prospective customers.

Today, Panin Dai-ichi Life conducted a survey visit to the Kaikoukai Clinic Senayan which was attended by the Directors of Panin Dai-ichi Life namely Koichi Nishiyama as Vice President Director, Andrew Bain as Director and Kenichi Fukuda as Director, while from PT Kaikoukai Indonesia, represented by Mohammad Taufik Sutedjo Niode as President Director and Setsuko Yamamoto as Vice President Director, and Masaru Nakada as Director.

During the survey today, Nishiyama mentioned, “We continue to improve service to customers, both in terms of coverage and quality. We hope that mutual collaboration with the Kaikoukai Clinic Senayan will become an added value for various parties, for company, customers, business partners and society in general. Panin Dai-ichi Life and Kaikoukai Clinic have a correlation in Japanese background, for this collaboration also marks the increasing collaboration between Indonesia and Japan, in bringing prosperity to the people of Indonesia.”

Mohammad Taufik Sutedjo Niode added, “We really excited with this partnership, whereas we shared the same vision with Panin Dai-ichi Life to improve health being of Indonesian society by delivering our experiences, such as medical seminar, and Japanese quality medical support and facilities in providing our services.”

Currently, Panin Dai-ichi Life had work extensively with almost 3000 hospital and medical institutions in Indonesia and this number will continue to increase in the future, along with business development and customer needs. Panin Dai-ichi Life also continues to focus its services to customers where throughout 2018 there have been paid more than 18.300 claims with total value more than Rp 208 billion.

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